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This is what the living room looked like when we first moved in. We used it as a bedroom while we renovated the entire second floor. The carpets were stained. The fireplace was leaking. The plaster ceiling and walls were falling apart. The paint was cracking and there were exposed radiator pipes, but we knew it had potential.

This is what the living room looked like when we finished renovating the second floor. We had to stop renovating when Landon was born so we couldn't continue with the rest of the house.

There was an old fireplace mantle that was falling apart. It was also taking up space so we decided to get rid of it.

We had to cover the ceiling with a curtain because the plaster was cracking and falling all over the place.

The tv area. The door on the left was permanently removed because it was not necessary. The area behind it was the entrance to the house.

Cleared room for demolition.

Demolition begins!

The old fireplace mantle.

The entrance area. This door will be permanently removed.

The area where the tv was. The new thermostat will be moved closer to the entrance. The old thermostat will be removed.

Old knob and tube wiring. The area behind the plastic sheets is the kitchen - the biggest project of all!!!

The old chimney.

The old plaster ceiling was demolished.

The vertical radiator pipes leading to the upstairs bedroom will be moved into the wall so that they are no longer exposed. The pipes running horizontally near the ceiling are going to be installed inside the joists.

The old front window. All of the windows will be replaced with Andersen windows.

Drywall installed, taped and spackled.

The radiator pipes in the entrance area and the door will be removed.

Drywall installed in the tv area.

More drywall.

The old thermostat was removed.

The old stained carpet was removed.

More drywall.

Chimney and old windows are gone.

The radiator pipes are going to be moved between the studs so that drywall will cover them.

Pipes were removed.

The ceiling and walls have been primed and painted. The door to the living room was permanently removed. The thermostat was relocated and crown molding was installed.

The floors near the house's outer walls had to be replaced because they were uneven. There was a stone foundation under them that caused the floors to become uneven. The stones had to be removed and the subfloor replaced with new wood before the hardwood floors were installed.

The tv area.

More subfloor repair. This door leads to the basement - the future laundry area - another project.

Where the old chimney used to be.

New Andersen windows and new window trim.

Getting ready to install Brazilian cherry hardwood.

Floors and baseboard molding installed.

Ceiling fan installed.

Floors cleaned up.

New furniture.

Window treatments from Country Curtains. Includes light-blocking shades, Point d'Esprit fringed panels, insulated curtains and shaped valances.

Landon likes the new living room.


***** If all of the pictures do not appear, refresh the screen or hit F5 *****