This is what the left side of the house looked like when we first moved in. The driveway was lined with pine trees. The pine trees were in bad shape so we decided to cut them down. For all of you tree huggers out there, we are planting three times the amount of trees.

This pine tree was also cut down.

All of the paint will be removed and any damaged wood will either be repaired or replaced.

The trees were removed and sanding begins.

The phone line pulled the wood apart.

This area will be replaced with new wood.

A hole left from the old bathroom exhaust pipe. It will be filled with insulation and repaired.

The kitchen area. A waste of time to paint but we did it anyway... This entire area will be demolished and replaced with a 1700 square foot addition including kitchen, dining room, extended living room, 3rd bathroom, and second floor master bedroom. Instead of windows on this side, there will be French doors leading out onto a wooden deck.

The moldings were painted red and the window frames were painted gray.