This is what the front of the house looked like when we first moved in. From this distance, the house looks like it only needs a paint job and a little bush trim.

It needed a lot of work.

In some areas, the paint came off very easy. In others, we had to carefully burn it off.

A leaking porch roof caused extensive water damage.

The old windows and their frames were replaced.

This is the outside door to the basement. The door and the surrounding wood will be replaced. It is too damaged to repair.

Some of the wooden rails were repaired and some were replaced. This area was sanded to the bare wood, sealed and repainted.

The porch roof was so severely damaged that the entire roof had to be replaced.

Lots of rotting areas.

Water leaks caused the only porch light to short circuit.

A view of the porch roof from the second floor.

Many areas were pealing off.

There were huge cracks where water would leak through and fall onto the porch below.