We wanted to improve the drainage around the property so we had new gutters installed. I then had to divert the water from the downspouts away from the house. After removing the blacktop from the bluestone pavers, I had to remove the bluestone pavers. I was able to save most of the bluestone which was used for a walkway near the driveway side of the house. After the pavers were removed, I dug a 1 foot deep path for the pvc drain pipes for each of the 5 downspouts which led to the main path that drained to the street. And yes, I did this at night after work... The picture below shows what it looked like after I dug out the dirt for the pipe paths. This is the main path that drains to the street.

The is the path for one of the 5 downspouts.

Another downspout.

The path that drains to the street.

Ending at the street.

The main path.

The main path. Check out those orbs... Woo hoo!

I had to cut each pipe to fit perfectly. This is the rear downspout.

The rear downspout draining to the main path.

A view of the downspouts draining to the main path. I had to make sure that each pipe had enough pitch to drain away from the house and out to the street.

Each pipe was glued using pvc cement. That stuff works real fast!!! I had to make sure that the angle was just right before applying the cement. Not easy... Had to do over a few times which meant cutting new pipe because that stuff does NOT come apart.

Time to bury the pipes with dirt.

Below is a picture of the blue stone pavers I was able to save. We used them for a path shown in the driveway pictures.

Covered with dirt.

Draining to the street.

What it looked like after the grass grew.

Can't even tell that there are pipes there.