This is what the bedroom looked like when we first moved in. The fireplace mantle is going to be demolished. To the right of the mantle is the wall connected to the bathroom. The rectangular shaped removable areas are for access to the leaking bathroom pipes.

This is the only wall we did not replace. Aside from minor cracks, it was in good shape. The area on the left side of the wall is going to be converted into a bathroom closet.

Demolition begins. The damaged bathroom pipes and old wood are going to be replaced.

The plaster walls were demolished. The ceiling was not removed because it was in good shape.

The wall on the left was not original. A bathroom was added in the late 60s.

The mantle was removed. The chimney has to be removed from the attic before we can remove it from the bedroom.

The mini-jackhammer I bought for demolishing the chimney.

The chimney was removed from the attic.

Looking down from the attic.

The chimney was removed from the bedroom.