Starting to frame the closet and bathroom walls.

The closet will be on the right and the bathroom will be on the left.

The framing for the closet.

The framing for the bathroom.

This is where the bathtub is going to be installed.

The old windows were removed.

New Andersen windows installed.

New outlets were installed.

This is for the closet light. Drywall was installed on the ceiling.

This is the for the bedroom fan/light.

Drywall will now cover the radiator pipes. The pipes running horizontally near the ceiling were installed in the joists.

The bottom part of the radiator pipes could not be moved because of a stone foundation that was supporting this area of the house.

More drywall on the ceiling.

The closet area.

Drywall was installed on the walls.

Spackled and sanded.

The closet.

Inside the closet.

The housing for the closet light.

The closet on the right and the bathroom on the left.