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This is what the room looked like when we first moved in. It really wasn't a bedroom. It was called a parlor room. It was basically a second living room. The previous owners could no longer use the stairs to go to the bathroom on the second floor so they had a toilet and sink installed in this room and used it as their bedroom. As you can see, there are no walls around the toilet.

This parlor room is going to be converted into a bedroom with a bathroom and a walk-in closet. The new bathroom is going to be located in the same area as the current bathroom. However, the new bathtub is going to be installed in the area where the toilet and sink are. The new toilet and sink are going to be installed opposite from where they currently are - closer to the window.

The mantle was nice but it took up much needed space so we decided to remove it.

All of the windows and frames are going to be replaced.

These radiator pipes are going to be moved behind the walls so that they are no longer exposed.

The carpet and baseboard molding are going to be removed.

The plaster ceiling and walls are going to be demolished.

The new closet will be built in this area.

Time to renovate.

The old plaster ceiling was demolished.

The mantle and chimney were removed.

The radiator is going to be refinished and reinstalled in the same exact spot.

The radiators were removed.

Last chance to use it.

All of the plaster walls were removed.

The new closet will be built in this area.

Lots of debris.

Starting to frame the closet and bathroom walls.

The closet will be on the right and the bathroom will be on the left.

The framing for the closet.

The framing for the bathroom.

This is where the bathtub is going to be installed.

The old windows were removed.

New Andersen windows installed.

New outlets were installed.

This is for the closet light. Drywall was installed on the ceiling.

This is the for the bedroom fan/light.

Drywall will now cover the radiator pipes. The pipes running horizontally near the ceiling were installed in the joists.

The bottom part of the radiator pipes could not be moved because of a stone foundation that was supporting this area of the house.

More drywall on the ceiling.

The closet area.

Drywall was installed on the walls.

Spackled and sanded.

The closet.

Inside the closet.

The housing for the closet light.

The closet on the right and the bathroom on the left.

The first coat of paint was applied.

A second coat of paint was appllied. Crown molding was installed.

Window frames were installed.

The closet doors and door frame molding were installed.

A ceiling fan was installed.

The bathroom door frame molding was installed.

The uneven floors were repaired.

Installing Brazilian cherry floors.

Baseboard molding installed.

The new closet.

The closet light.

The radiator.

The radaiators before and after they were powerwashed, sanded and spray painted.

The little wooden platforms for the radiator feet were stained to match the Brazilian cherry floors.

The radiator pipes that could not be hidden behind the walls were painted to match the radiator.

The door to the entrance area.

The closet is not yet finished.

The door to the new bathroom.

The new bathroom.

Window treatments from Country Curtains. Includes light-blocking shades, Point d'Esprit fringed panels, insulated curtains and shaped valances.


***** If all of the pictures do not appear, refresh the screen or hit F5 *****