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This is what the bedroom looked like when we first moved in. The roof and chimney leaked and damaged the ceiling, walls and floor.

The plaster ceiling and walls were demolished.

The ceiling was not going to be replaced but Tina put her foot through it while installing insulation in the attic.

The baseboard moldings were removed.

The chimney is going to be demolished but we first have to remove it from the roof and attic.

Here is a picture of the chimney before we removed it from the roof.

Chimney removed. New slate was installed in the area where the chimney used to be.

The chimney in the attic.

Chimney removed.

Now we can remove the chimney in the bedroom.

What a mess!

Chimney removed.

Drywall was installed on the ceiling.

Holes were drilled into the walls and insulation was blown in.

We added another layer of insulation by lining the walls with Tyvek.

Tyvek on the walls.

Jimmy installs 1 x 3 spruce to bring the walls flush with the windows.

Ready for drywall.

Bottom half was finished.

Drywall installed.

Joints taped and spackled several times. Almost ready for primer.

Two coats of primer was applied.

Ceiling and walls were painted with 2 coats of paint. Old windows are going to be replaced.

New Andersen windows were installed.

More insulation around the new windows.

New window trim.

The chimney hole was repaired and the floors were leveled. We covered the floor with a layer of rosin. Additional molding was also added to the edges of the window trim. It matches the trim that will later top off the baseboard molding.

Cutting the floors outside.

Brazilian cherry hardwood was installed.

Baseboard molding was installed and topped off with matching window trim molding. Quarter-round molding was also installed at the base.

The windows and baseboard moldings were taped and painted.

The radiator was refinished.

Windows painted.

The little wooden platforms for the radiator feet were stained to match the Brazilian cherry floors.

Connecting the radiator.

All of the doors on the second floor were original and very old. They were very thin and had many coats of paint on them. We decided to restore all of them instead of purchasing new ones. It took one day just to sand one side of one door. This is a picture of one of the bedroom doors after it was sanded to the bare wood and primed.

The old hardware on the old doors were beyond restoration so we had to purchase new hardware. RestorationHardware.com had just what we needed. These were as close to the original door hardware we could find. They were installed on all of the doors.

One of the bedroom doors after it was painted and new hardware installed.

A ceiling fan and crown molding were installed.

The second bedroom door after it was sanded, primed and painted. New hardware was installed.

Window treatments from Country Curtains. Includes light-blocking shades, Point d'Esprit fringed panels, insulated curtains and shaped valances.


***** If all of the pictures do not appear, refresh the screen or hit F5 *****