The bathtub was installed.

An electical outlet was installed for the jacuzzi.

The bathtub drain pipe was installed.

The toilet drain pipe was installed.

The pipes for the bath faucet and shower were installed.

Tile backerboard was installed.

The exhaust pipe for the bathtub was installed.

The support for the sink was installed.

The sink drain and exhaust pipes were installed.

A view of the sink drain and exhaust pipes from the bedroom.

This exhaust pipe leads to the attic.

The bathtub exhaust pipe and the sink exhaust pipe were connected.

They are connected to an exhaust pipe that will go through the attic and out of the roof.

The wall had to be opened in the second floor bedroom to install the exhaust pipe.

Drywall and spackle.

Looks like it was never opened.

A hole for the second exhaust pipe. The first exhaust pipe is for the second floor bathroom.

Both pipes are going to exit the roof.