This is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in. It was in pretty good shape and was very clean. However, the pipes for the toilet, sink and bathtub needed to be replaced. The pipes caused the water to become brown. They were old and often leaked. There was also a cracked joist under the subfloor that had to be repaired. The drop-ceiling above the bathtub will be demolished.

Everything you see is going to be demolished. The area by the light switch and toilet paper dispenser is going to be converted into a bathroom closet.

The baseboard heater is going to be replaced with a radiator from the hallway. The insulation in the hallway is another project.

Demolition begins! I hauled about 10,000 pounds of debris from this bathroom to the local dump.

The drop-ceiling is gone and so is the tile.

The sink, mirror and wood paneling were removed. The light/fan is the only item that is going to stay. We will put it back up after we replace the ceiling. It was the first thing we bought for the bathroom and we thought it was going to be the only thing that we were going to update in the bathroom. We were very wrong.

The toilet, tub and subfloor are next to go. I removed the tub by using a sledge hammer and breaking it into tiny 90-pound pieces...

The subfloor and toilet are gone. The old toilet and sink pipes are going to be replaced.

The old bathtub drain pipe is going to be replaced.

The cracked joist under the drain pipe is going to be repaired.