The sink and cabinet were installed along with the chair rail molding.

New pipes and hoses.

The cabinet was fitted into the baseboard molding.

Wainscoting was installed on the lower half of the bathroom walls. We set the height so that the chair rail molding that topped off the wainscoting could be used as a splash guard for the back of the sink.

We used a long piece of wood instead of bullnose subway tile for the transition from the bathtub area to the sink area.

It looks much better after it's primed and painted.

More wainscoting was installed.

Baseboard molding was installed.

Wainscoting was installed on the other wall.

Chair rail and baseboard molding were installed.

Before the chair rail and window trim.

After the chair rail and window trim.

The wainscoting and moldings are ready to be painted (after we fill the nail holes).

A new shower curtain rod was installed.